Case Study – Developing a Native Mobile App Infrastructure for Parentyn

about parentyn

Parentyn is a parental monitoring app that enables parents to monitor their children’s online activities protecting them from harm and sensitive information on their phones

The global parental control software market is projected to grow from $1,102.1 million in 2022 to $2,453.8 million by 2029

Parentyn offers the following

  • Enable parents to track their child’s phone call history
  • Enable parents to track their child’s internet browsing history
  • Enable parents to track their child’s daily phone usage (screen time) across apps
  • Enable parents to flag sensitive keywords and be notified when used in a child’s text message or social apps
  • Enable parents to set a screen time limit for certain app usage – the app closes once the time is exhausted for the day
  • And so much more


  • Software Architectural Development: In order to build a platform that is expected to scale into millions of devices globally, we needed to consider the entire infrastructure and how to efficiently build the solution while factoring in the expected growth.
  • Backend API: We developed a cloud-based API system that provides the full synchronization of data between the mobile device, the parents’ online portal for data monitoring, and the Parentyn admin dashboard. We also needed to ensure that data could be collected even when the device had no internet connectivity, stored, and shared with the administrator portals the moment internet connectivity was restored.
  • Android native mobile app: Using our experienced knowledge of Kotlin & Java, we developed an Android-native mobile application. This is installed on the child’s phone and tracks all activities in the background.
  • Parent admin dashboard: This enables the parent to view all the tracked data from the child’s phone and take necessary actions on their account
  • Utility software: In the course of product research, we discovered that we needed to build a secondary app keyboard widget that tracks words as they are typed by the child on their phone.

The Results

Technology Used

Google cloud

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